Hyundai Exter Knight Edition

With the release of the popular Exter Knight Edition, Hyundai got the attention of the whole automotive industry. This popular compact SUV’s limited edition offers a unique blend of exclusivity, performance, and class to celebrate the model’s year of release.

Launch Date

On July 10, 2024, the Hyundai Exter Knight Edition made its official debut—exactly a year after the original Exter entered showrooms.


Starting at an attractive price point of Rs. 8.38 lakh (ex-showroom), the Knight Edition aims to offer premium features without breaking the bank.

Hyundai Exter Knight Edition

As its name shows, the Exter Knight Edition has an unique look that divides it from its regular version. The car has several blacked-out details that give it a sleek, strange look. The Hyundai logo, the Exter symbols, and the front and rear skid plates—protective panels located under the car—are some of these black accents. The 15-inch black-finished alloy wheels with diamond cuts add to the look.

Hyundai has used stunning red details on the front and back bumpers, tailgate, and front brake calipers to break up the dark design and provide a sporty flare. The car is branded with a unique Knight symbol to denote its unique status.

Color Options

Hyundai knows that consumers enjoy having options, and the Exter Knight Edition does not let them down. It provides a seven-color palette with two dual-tone and five single-tone schemes. The brilliant Atlas White, the tough Ranger Khaki, and the enigmatic Starry Night are the newest colors added to the palette. There are choices like Ranger Khaki with an Abyss Black roof and Shadow Grey with an Abyss Black roof for people who want a two-tone style.

Interior Features

The Exter Knight Edition’s interior is just beautiful as its outside. The cabin has a luxurious and sports vibe with its stylish black pattern and red stitching and accents.

Hyundai has made important attempts to improve the interior quality. Footwell lighting is a feature of the Knight Edition that improves both the vehicle’s appearance and visibility while getting in or out of it at night. Scuff plates made of metal offer a luxurious touch and safeguard the door sills. The seats are covered in unique “Knight” themed material, and the floor mats have red stitching to match the overall concept.

Mechanical Specifications

The Exter Knight Edition shines with its own design, yet it has the same solid mechanical design as the regular Exter. This limited edition is powered by a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine. For those who are not familiar with automotive terms, an engine that is naturally running simply suggests that air is not forced into the engine through the use of superchargers or turbochargers.

This engine generates 113 Nm of torque and a good 81 bhp (brake horsepower). Put more simply, it provides sufficient torque for both highway driving and comfortable city driving.

A five-speed manual gearbox is available for buyers who want a more engaging driving experience, while an AMT (Automated Manual gearbox) is available for those who want the efficiency of a manual transmission combined with the ease of an automatic.

A Celebration of Success

The Exter Knight Edition’s release marks more than just the product’s introduction; it also marks the Exter’s successful first year on the market. Hyundai hopes to bring in new consumers and reward its loyal group of supporters by releasing this limited edition.

With its unique aesthetic cues, luxurious features, and affordable price, the Hyundai Exter Knight Edition is sure to leave a lasting impression on the small SUV market. For those shopping for a particular vehicle, it is a desirable option since it provides the ideal balance of performance, style, and affordability.

ModelHyundai Exter Knight Edition
Launch DateJuly 10, 2024
Base PriceRs. 8.38 lakh (ex-showroom)
Engine1.2-liter naturally aspirated petrol
Power81 bhp
Torque113 Nm
Transmission Options5-speed manual, AMT
Exterior HighlightsBlacked-out elements, red accents, Knight emblem
Interior HighlightsBlack theme with red accents, special upholstery
Color Options5 monotone, 2 dual-tone
Special FeaturesFootwell lighting, metal scuff plates, themed floor mats
Based OnSX and SX (O) Connect variants

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