Is Aurus a Rolls-Royce Copy?

Founded in 2018, the Aurus is a Russian premium car brand. The Aurus Senat, a full-size luxury sedan that was created to be used as the official state car for the president of Russia, is the company’s flagship model. Russia’s car sector and innovation are to be refreshed by the Aurus brand. Before the Russian takeover of Ukraine, Aurus had goals to export to China and the Middle East, though its original level was probably on the home market.

Is Aurus a Rolls-Royce Copy?

Yes, the Aurus Senat is also known as a Rolls-Royce Phantom copycat. The Aurus Senat’s exterior and interior design features have a clear connection to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The Senat’s ratios are similar to those of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is 5762 mm long and has a wheelbase of 3552 mm. It is 5630 mm long and has a 3300 mm wheelbase.

How much is an Aurus car?

The particular model and design of an Aurus car affects its pricing. Here are the pricing.

  • The lowest-priced version of the Aurus Senat luxury sedan will cost 18 million rubles ($245,000).
  • The Aurus Senat in an improved configuration will cost an average of 24 million rubles (approximately $333,120).
  • The civilian version of the Senat is manufactured by a joint venture between NAMI and LiAZ firms and is expected to retail for 10 million rubles ($160,000) but later became higher than 20 million rubles (~$300,000).

Prices for export markets may vary relative to those shown below, but they are for the Russian market.

Who owns Aurus Motors?

the key points about the ownership of Aurus Motors are:

  • The main owner of Aurus LLC is the FSUE NAMI (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Automobile and Motor Institute), which is subordinate to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. NAMI owns 63.5% of Aurus.
  • The Arab Tawazun fund owns 36% of Aurus. Tawazun acquired this stake in 2019 in exchange for a 110 million euro investment.
  • In April 2024, the Russian automotive group Sollers sold its 0.5% stake in Aurus to a company called Hit Motors Rus LLC.
  • Hit Motors Rus LLC is 99% owned by the Kazakh company TOO “High End Assembly Technologies Motors”, with the remaining 1% owned by Hans Peter Moser, the general director of the Moskvich Moscow automobile plant.

So in summary, Aurus Motors is majority-owned by the Russian government through NAMI, with a significant minority stake held by the Tawazun Arab investment fund. The recent sale of a small stake to Hit Motors Rus does not appear to have significantly changed the overall ownership structure.

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