Is Mahindra Launching 5 Door Thar?

Is Mahindra Launching 5 Door Thar

Mahindra has decided to launch the long-awaited five-door version of its popular Thar SUV, which has created excitement among SUV fans and families alike. The launch is set for August 15, 2024, which coincides with India’s Independence Day celebrations. The five-door Thar is expected to be priced between ₹16-20 lakh ( approximately $19,000-$24,000), which makes … Read more

Is Yamaha Launching RX100 Again?

Is Yamaha Launching RX100 Again

Yes, Yamaha announced its plans of remaking the popular RX100. Fans of the original should expect important changes, because the new version will be a completely modern take of the iconic bike. The original Yamaha RX100, which launched in 1985, immediately became a cultural symbol in India. It won over a generation with its zippy … Read more

Toyota Electric Hilux 2025

Toyota Electric Hilux 2025

Toyota is going to take a huge step into the future by the release of its first all-electric pickup truck, the Toyota Electric Hilux 2025. This innovative vehicle promises to offer the tough solidity of the popular Hilux with modern technology for electric vehicles, which could impact the pickup truck market. About the Toyota Electric … Read more

2025 Kia Carnival Release Date

2025 Kia Carnival Release Date

Families looking for large, efficient vehicles are still relying on minivans. However, the 2025 Kia Carnival is sure to test hopes by combining innovative technology with elegant design. This full review will look at the new model’s release date, important features, and pricing, providing potential customers a clear image of what they can expect from … Read more

Has New Bolero Launched?

Has New Bolero Launched

The future Mahindra All New Bolero is expected to be launched in June 2025 and be priced between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 12.5 lakh. This article goes into what we may expect from the newest edition of this legendary model, including its features, specifications, and its possible impact on Mahindra’s range and the broader … Read more

Is Aurus a Rolls-Royce Copy?

Is Aurus a Rolls-Royce Copy

Founded in 2018, the Aurus is a Russian premium car brand. The Aurus Senat, a full-size luxury sedan that was created to be used as the official state car for the president of Russia, is the company’s flagship model. Russia’s car sector and innovation are to be refreshed by the Aurus brand. Before the Russian … Read more

Tata Harrier EV: Price, Features & Launch Date

Tata Harrier EV Price Features & Launch Date

Environmental awareness has increased in recent years, and demand for electric cars (EVs) is now higher. Car makers are making EVs that are environmentally friendly and look good. Tata Motors has made the decision to move strongly in this path. According to reports, the Tata Harrier SUV will make its debut as the Tata Harrier … Read more

What is Vintage Car Museum?

What is Vintage Car Museum

What is Vintage Car Museum? Vintage car museum is location where old and antique vehicles are stored. Visitors can see ancient expensive automobiles and occasionelly even drive them. These museums allow to view how our favorite luxury automobiles looked in the past and compare them to how they appear today. Vintage car museums in India … Read more