Toyota Electric Hilux 2025

Toyota is going to take a huge step into the future by the release of its first all-electric pickup truck, the Toyota Electric Hilux 2025. This innovative vehicle promises to offer the tough solidity of the popular Hilux with modern technology for electric vehicles, which could impact the pickup truck market.

About the Toyota Electric Hilux 2025

The Electric Hilux, officially known as the Hilux Revo BEV, shows Toyota’s commitment to environmentally friendly choice in the light commercial vehicle category. Building on the famous durability and versatility of its combustion-engine previous version, this electric model wants to provide a free of emissions option while maintaining the value that has made the Hilux an international favorite.

Toyota’s plan to electrify the Hilux is an important move that accepts the growing demand for safe for the environment vehicles in all markets. The Electric Hilux will continue to maintain the Hilux brand’s strong build quality and off-road capabilities, while offering the benefits of electric power such as quick torque, less operating costs, and reduced environmental impact.

Launch Date

Toyota has officially confirmed that the Electric Hilux will be released in 2025. It also relates to the expected release date of the next-generation Hilux vehicle, saying that the electric version will be build on a better platform focused to support electric powertrain technology.

The launch of the new model will take place only in Thailand, where pickup trucks consider more than half of all vehicle sales. This smart choice of launch market shows Toyota’s dedication to satisfying regional wants and needs while also testing the waters for electric pickups in a market that focuses on utility vehicles.


While Toyota does not yet have official pricing for the Electric Hilux, company executives think it will be priced more than its internal combustion engine (ICE) versions. This range of prices is common for electric vehicles because to the higher costs of battery technology and electric engines.

The Electric Hilux is expected to come in the Indian market in 2026, with an expected starting price of about ₹50 lakhs. This cost highlights the vehicle’s advanced technology, placing it as a premium option in the electric vehicle sector.

EV Battery Pack

The Electric Hilux, like any other electric vehicle, is powered by a battery pack. Toyota’s electric pickup is expected to have a range of around 200 kilometers (124 miles). While this range may appear short when compared to other electric passenger vehicles, it reflects Toyota’s practical method for balancing range, carrying capacity, and cost.

Toyota’s more limited range goal shows that it prioritizes ease of use and affordability above extended range capabilities. This strategy recognizes that many pickup truck customers, particularly in urban and semi-urban areas, may not need long-range capabilities on a regular basis.

Toyota is still waiting to announce the exact battery capacity, but professionals believe it might be between 50 and 60 kWh. The business’s priority on balancing the mix of range and payload capacity shows a planned approach to battery sizing, ensuring that the Electric Hilux remains its value as a workhorse.

India Launch and Price

The worldwide auto industry is excited as Toyota ready to launch the Electric Hilux. This is important for India, because it has a large vehicle market.

Toyota’s target is to immediately launch the Electric Hilux in ASEAN countries, then move into other regions, including India. Toyota observes India as an important priority, with the country’s increasing curiosity in electric and premium utility vehicles.

The Electric Hilux will be available in India in 2026, a year after its launch in Thailand. This helps Toyota to improve the vehicle based on initial comments.

In India, the Electric Hilux will have to cost more than the gas-powered version, starting at around ₹50 lakhs. It shows its advanced technology and high status.

The introduction comes with India’s demand for electric vehicles and targets environmentally conscious customers searching for pollution-free utility vehicles.

Therefore, the Toyota Electric Hilux marks an important step in electric light commercial vehicles. Starting in Thailand and spreading to India, it wants to set new standards for electric pickup trucks. The auto industry is going for more details as the launch time closer.

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